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6 Hot Tips for Renting Out Your Vacation

All is not lost! You can still attract year-round visitors to your seasonal rental. You just have to get creative, says Hugh Barton, president of Luxury Vacation Homes Global in New York City.

“People look for deals during the offseason; a person who cannot necessarily afford a luxury home in the summer can possibly afford it during the winter,” says Barton, who rents out vacation homes year-round in 50 locations worldwide. “The key is to highlight the benefits that these locations bring during the offseason.”

Here are six ideas for how to rent out your vacation home long after the crowds have disappeared.

During the offseason, luxury amenities are key for getting renters to bite, Barton says. If you’re struggling to make your home stand out, consider installing an indoor sauna or an outdoor hot tub. Without fail, these vacation amenities draw in the crowds, he says.

Of course, they also don’t come cheap—on average, it’ll cost you $4,500 to install a sauna and $3,500 for a hot tub—not including the costs of utilities and maintenance.

So if going luxe isn’t in your budget, don’t despair—there are some cheap(er) tricks to try: “Make a designated game room with pool tables, a huge shelf of board games, and a pingpong table,” Barton suggests. “Or create a cinema room set up with tons of movies.”

And don’t forget what’s outside, either. Stock your home with sleds, snowboards, kayaks, and other gear for renters to use.

“Make sure your amenities are of the highest caliber,” he says. “This will make any guest feel like they are on vacation, no matter the season.”

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